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WHO IS Fitzgerald Optometry?

Fitzgerald Optometry has offered continuous optometry services in Williamstown since 1993. John Fitzgerald has proudly owned, operated and worked at the practice for the past 25 years.

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Who is Fitzgerald Optometry?

We offer so much more than eye tests

We at Fitzgerald Optometry in Williamstown are committed to offering you a comprehensive level of continuous care. We spend as much time as needed to provide you with the best eye care needs, like diagnosing and treating a variety of ocular diseases and infections, and prescribe quality eyewear solutions that are tailored to your unique eyes and lifestyle needs.

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Fitzgerald Optometry offer solutions for all your vision needs. We recognise that eyewear is not only about enhancing your vision. It is an accessory that needs to compliment your personality and lifestyle.


Family Oriented

Our focus is the health and wellbeing of your and your family's eyes. We believe this is best managed by regular care from the same optometrist, ensuring even minor changes in your vision are detected.



We have invested in the latest digital imagining equipment to allow us to accurately record the condition of your eyes and follow eye health changes over time.

Your Eyewear Guarantee

When purchasing your new glasses from Fitzgerald Optometry you can be assured that your frames and lenses are of the highest quality and are fitted with care and precision to provide you with the best possible vision. All our frames come with an unconditional two year guarantee, providing you with confidence and peace of mind in your choice, whatever your budget.

tf lifetime

Lifetime Policy

Please make use of our lifetime care policy where we will professionally clean your glasses and adjust them so that they are optimally fitted for vision and comfort.

tf yeargua

2 Year Frame Guarantee

Your frame is protected by our exclusive guarantee. We will repair, maintain, adjust or replace your frames if they fail in any way within two years of purchase.

tf lensgua

Lens Guarantee

Your new lenses are protected by a 3 month guarantee, if within this period your prescription changes your lenses will be replaced. These lenses also carry a 12 month lens coating guarantee. Should a manufacturing fault be identified within this guarantee period, your lenses will be replaced free of charge.*

glass care

Glasses Care

Handling and treating your glasses with care and undertaking regular cleaning will help ensure your glasses remain in premium condition.

  • Always keep your glasses in their case when not in use
  • Always place your glasses face up when putting them onto any surface
  • Avoid leaving your glasses near extreme heat (like the dashboard of your car)
  • Use both hands when removing and handling your glasses
  • Use the provided cleaning cloth and lens spray to keep your glasses clean

*This guarantee does not cover scratches or damage that may occur as a result of normal use.