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Did you know you should be cleaning your smartphone daily?
Did you know you should be cleaning your smartphone daily?

2020 06 01 1558
Smartphones are always covered in bacteria and viruses can also survive there. The pandemic certainly seems to have taught people to wash their hands thoroughly after visiting public places and to touch their face less often. However, not everyone has caught on to disinfecting gadgets, in particular the one we pick up a hundred times a day that often also touches our face. We explain why it’s important to clean your smartphone and how to do it properly.

Why disinfect your smartphone?

The first thing to remember is that at room temperature viruses can survive and remain infectious on metal, glass, ceramic, and plastic for several days. The virus can get onto a phone in two ways: either in tiny droplets when an infected person coughs nearby, or from your own hands after touching door handles, elevator buttons and the like.

If you never hand your phone to other people (why would you?) and you don’t invite passersby to cough and splutter over it, then the probability of infection by airborne route is low. Transmission by hand depends on the duration of contact and varies for different microorganisms.

Therefore, it is better to assume that the virus can be transmitted if you hold your smartphone after touching a source of infection and not washing your hands afterwards. Also remember that hands are not the only point of contact: the phone often brushes our face and ears when speaking over it. In general, it is better to disinfect your phone regularly.

How to clean your smartphone?

Microfibre lens cloths

It is important only to use lens cloths made from microfibres. They are available from any optician’s store. Dust and dirt cling to them. This process, known as dry cleaning, removes particles of dirt and dust and can be carried out at any time, even when you’re on the move.

Lens sprays

Lens cleaner sprays, available from eye care practitioner, are also very effective. After being cleaned with the spray, the lenses can then be wiped dry with a lens cloth.

Lens wipes

Did you know about the pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes from ZEISS? Individually packaged, the wipes are quickly to hand in every situation. They are pre-moistened with a special combination of two active agents, free from aggressive cleaning substances and artificial fragrances. These wipes are also suitable for other optical surfaces and LCD displays, such as digital cameras and laptops.

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