Digital Measurements for Advanced Fitting

Did you know that lens fitting errors can reduce optical performance by up to 40%? If fitting is so important why do so many optometrists still just use a felt tip pen and plastic ruler to fit your glasses?

Studies by Carl Zeiss Vision suggest that if a progressive lens is incorrectly centred by as little as 1.0mm then up to 50% of the intermediate and near vision areas are compromised. This will result in a narrower intermediate and reading area - impacting how you see and lead your daily life.

At Fitzgerald Optometry we believe your best vision can only be achieved if your lenses are fitted to match the shape of your face, the position of your eyes, the inclination of your head and the position of your glasses on your nose. So we use the latest technology from ZEISS – i.Terminal®2 – to measure all of our patients digitally, quickly and with far more accuracy than using a felt tip pen.

The ZEISS centration technology of the i.Terminal®2 takes into account all these measurements and allows the position of the frame and lenses to be calculated to the nearest tenth of a millimetre, ensuring your new ZEISS precision lenses provide 100% performance.