Optometrist Maidstone

Looking for a qualified ‘optometrist near me’? Then visit the experienced and professional team at Fitzgerald Optometry. We provide leading treatment and care plans for a range of eye conditions, with our expert optometrists able to treat the whole family.

A regular visit to the optometrist can help to promote better eye sight and eye health, not to mention boost your overall wellbeing and quality of life.

To book an appointment with our friendly optometrists Maidstone residents can contact Fitzgerald Optometry today.

Eye Tests Maidstone

For quick and accurate eye tests Maidstone can join patients from across the surrounding suburbs and visit Fitzgerald Optometry, the community clinic.

Our stress-free eye examinations allow our optometry team to develop a clear and detailed understanding of your eye health and are able to search for early signs of eye diseases or degenerative conditions, a service that is especially important if you have a family history of these kind of issues.

Our staff can deliver prescriptions that are tailored to suit your vision and quality of sight, providing you with effective and lasting relief from eye problems or discomfort.  

Contact Lenses Maidstone

Want contact lenses that are as clear as they are comfortable? Then visit the modern and welcoming clinic at Fitzgerald Optometry today, where our team can find the perfect set of contact lenses to suit everyone’s sight.

A popular alternative to glasses, our contact lenses are made from high-quality materials to ensure no irritation or discomfort when wearing them, and providing you with clear and uncompromised vision all day long.  

To learn more about the benefits of professional service for contact lenses Maidstone residents can get in touch with the Fitzgerald Optometry staff today.

Children's Optometry Maidstone

If your child is complaining of tired eyes or headaches it may mean they are suffering from a common eye condition. With our staff of qualified children’s optometrists Maidstone parents can be sure that their child is receiving comprehensive and targeted treatment that can support their eye health and quality of vision.  

To book an appointment with one of the leading teams of children’s optometrists near you simply call Fitzgerald Optometry today on 03 9397 6031.


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