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Our staff have spent years working to improve the vision of local patients, supporting their overall eye health and wellbeing with comprehensive care and friendly service.

To learn more about our range of available treatments and eye care services, or book an appointment with our optometrists, Newport residents can contact us today.

Eye Tests

At Fitzgerald Optometry we provide quick and accurate eye tests and examinations for the whole family.

Thanks to our thorough eye tests Newport residents can gain a clear picture of their eye health, with our practitioners able to identify any signs of possible diseases or degenerative conditions easily and early. The information we collect from the tests is used to create a tailored and targeted treatment plan specific to each patient.

Our examinations not only put our patients on the path to improved eye health and quality of sight, they also help to improve their overall wellbeing.

Contact Lenses

When they’re tired of their glasses getting the way and want to invest in a pair of high-quality contact lenses Newport residents visit their local clinic at Fitzgerald Optometry.

We have a selection of contact lenses to suit everyone, with our staff working with each patient to ensure they get the correct lenses to promote perfect, clear sight. Our lenses are made from top-grade materials, ensuring the wearer won’t experience discomfort or irritation that can be caused by poor-quality products.

For contact lenses prescribed by a qualified team of orthodontists make sure to book an appointment at Fitzgerald Optometry today.

Children's Optometry

With Fitzgerald Optometry’s team of trusted and friendly children’s optometrists Newport parents can be safe in the knowledge that their child is receiving outstanding and comprehensive care in a relaxed and inviting clinic.

Our practitioners will help your children learn the benefits of regular eye test and examinations from a qualified professional, helping them to maintain excellent eye sight for life.  

To book an appointment with an experienced family optometrist near you call Fitzgerald Optometry today on 03 9397 6031.


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