Ortho K, as it is commonly called, involves wearing a contact lens overnight to gently and temporarily change the shape of the cornea. This change in shape makes the vision clear, so there is no need to wear glasses or contact lenses the next day. Lenses may need to be worn every night to keep the vision clear or just a few times a week. Acting like a ‘retainer’ for the eyes, ortho K is most commonly used by young people aged eight to eighteen, giving them freedom from their daytime glasses and contact lenses.

The ortho K lenses need to be fitted precisely by your optometrist. Regular follow-up visits will also be required especially in the first month or two of wear, to ensure the lenses are doing what they should. Children and sometimes their parents as well need to be taught to insert and remove these contact lenses. Lenses also need to be regularly cleaned and looked after like regular contact lenses.

The other advantage of ortho K is that the amount of short-sightedness the child ends up with may be less. There is recent scientific evidence that suggests ortho K can reduce myopic progression. 

There is no age limit for ortho K. Adults can also benefit from having their days glasses or contact lenses free. Instances where they would be helpful include:

  • Water sports
  • Sport in general
  • Outdoor activities
  • Police and firefighters, where glasses can interfere with performance
  • Pilots
  • People who work in dusty environments.

Apart from an initial general eye health check, testing for ortho K is not covered by Medicare. For prices of the package, including all testing and lenses, please contact us.